Monthly Archives: May 2013

Local Bear Pathetically Applying For Towni Mascot Gig

The Mount Laurel Police Department kindly sends residents updates when anything noteworthy happens in town. Down wires causing one-lane traffic on Church between Country Lane and Ramblewood? The PD diligently texts every homeowner to keep them informed (I like the mental image of thirty cops sitting around, each with a list of hundreds of phone… Read more »

Best 11-Days-Until-Launch Work Ethic, Bar None

With launch less than two weeks away, you might say that Chris and I are in the zone. Or you can say our work has entered a state of zen-like “flow”. Or you could say both the quality and quantity of our work output makes Elon Musk look like a lackadaisical beach bum. Okay, with… Read more »

Launch Pad Set – Towni Lifts Off in 22 Days

Alright, fine. We’ll launch. In fact, we’ll do it June 1st. Yeah, this June 1st. It’s Moorestown Day – the annual festival where thousands descend on tree-lined Main Street to shop the town’s vendors, enjoy the food and fun, and interact socially with that one neighbor across the street you just saw…at last year’s Moorestown… Read more »