Monthly Archives: July 2013

Towni Makes a Visit to the Makers – NextFab Studio in Philadelphia

Part of the process of localizing an economy involves bringing the manufacturing operations out of the goliath-scaled factories, and into regions where community members can actually get involved. We had the opportunity to visit a facility where exactly that is happening. At 20th and Washington in South Philly is an unassuming storefront that, from the… Read more »

Word Up: Moorestown’s Linguistic Legacy Over the Centuries

Some people hear our name – Towni Localistics – and wonder what in tarnation “Localistics” means? Sometimes I’ll tell them it’s the plural of “localistic”, but that typically irks people and makes their face scrunch up in a mix of confusion and contempt. Rough crowd. Fine, what is it, then? Is it a combination of… Read more »

Don’t Just Shop Towni – Shop Burlington County First

Yes, there’s a killer initiative that’s on the way (and for the time being, it has nothing to do with Towni). Our efforts to make the residents of Moorestown and the surrounding communities expert local shoppers is about to be majorly boosted. Our county leaders – the five Freeholders (you know these folks, right?) – … Read more »