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Launch Pad Set – Towni Lifts Off in 22 Days

Alright, fine. We’ll launch. In fact, we’ll do it June 1st. Yeah, this June 1st. It’s Moorestown Day – the annual festival where thousands descend on tree-lined Main Street to shop the town’s vendors, enjoy the food and fun, and interact socially with that one neighbor across the street you just saw…at last year’s Moorestown… Read more »

The Brave Startup Souls at the 2013 Entrepreneurial Expo

Philly Tech Week came and went, and while we didn’t go in for the full whirlwind tour, it was clear there was a non-stop buzz around the Philadelphia tech scene. Everyone put on their game faces in preparation for this year’s festivities, and the Towni team jumped in last night, attending the 2013 Entrepreneurial Expo… Read more »

Anyone Play SimCity Growing Up? We Clearly Did.

Yeah, I guess the year was 1991 (Wikipedia reminds me), and this 10 year old boy was a video game fan – nay, fanatic – nay addict. So was every other 10 year old in America, so don’t judge. Anyway, whenever it was that SimCity made it to the Super Nintendo, that was when hours… Read more »

Wait – So What…Exactly…Is Towni?

I recently told someone who grew up in another part of the country all about our service – an online marketplace for local stores to post their goods and connect with nearby residents – and then told him we were calling it Towni. No entry for “Towni”. Yet. He kind of chuckled, and told me… Read more »

The Pre-Launch Towni Blog is Born!

This is the official start of the Towni blog. You’re bearing witness to history. To reiterate — you’re not just wasting time on the internet, you’re beholding the genesis of a world-changing initiative, happening right before your eyes. (What would I do without overblown bluster?) Well, whatever Towni evolves into, we’re starting with humble beginnings…. Read more »