Best 11-Days-Until-Launch Work Ethic, Bar None

No, it's cool. They have wifi.

No, it’s cool. They have wifi.

With launch less than two weeks away, you might say that Chris and I are in the zone. Or you can say our work has entered a state of zen-like “flow”. Or you could say both the quality and quantity of our work output makes Elon Musk look like a lackadaisical beach bum.

Okay, with that said, yes, this past Sunday we brought our office to the bar. We go there from time to time to help them test their, you know, beer-serving systems. It’s actually a pretty predictable scene:

  • We walk in, are politely welcomed by a fresh-faced hostess, but stroll right past said hostess and make a bee-line for the largest unbroken string of bar stools and plant ourselves in the mathematical center.
  • “Hey guys,” says a not-particularly-shocked-to-see-us Courtney, Lauren, Lauren, Nikki, Lisa, Maria, Erin, Boomer or Brian. We’re offered beers (check) and food menus (check).
  • Food menus arrive, are immediately flipped over, displaying a gloriously blank canvas primed for the most ridiculous ideas ever to be scrawled.
  • Commence list-making, site-mapping, wireframe-sketching and occasional beer-spilling.

I heard it’s exactly how Edison operated.

For the record, that’s Chris experimenting with AngularJS in an effort to solve a top-level cross-property navigation enigma we’ve been working on for months. I’m accumulating database fields and data points for the interactive map application. Which all probably sounds impressive, but I assure you PhotoHunt is just out of frame and may have – if memory serves – gotten a fair bit of use.

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