Don’t Just Shop Towni – Shop Burlington County First


This is what local economy leadership looks like. Is it as glamorous as you pictured?

Yes, there’s a killer initiative that’s on the way (and for the time being, it has nothing to do with Towni).

Our efforts to make the residents of Moorestown and the surrounding communities expert local shoppers is about to be majorly boosted. Our county leaders – the five Freeholders (you know these folks, right?) –  are introducing a new program in the area. It’s called “Shop Burlington County First“.

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Very simply – it asks that we as consumers make a conscious choice, and even a pledge – to redirect some of our spending away from the behemoth multinationals and toward our independent shops right here in the area. By default, that makes us not just consumers, but smart, thoughtful and effective consumers.

Quick stat – if each household were able to shift just $20 a month more to a local business, we’d inject $40 million into the county’s economy. That’s huge. What that also means? Jobs, tax relief, and a generally increased quality of life.

Here’s a little about the program:

  •  local businesses can add themselves into the directory (they must belong to a business association – Moorestown, Mount Holly, Maple Shade and Bordentown thus far are on board, or else members of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce are welcome to join as well).
  • BurlCo Bucks! We’ll be able to buy pre-loaded cards in $10 or $25 increments. They’ll be usable at all businesses that are participating in the program.
  • stores can issue loyalty rewards to thank shoppers for keepin’ it local
  • we as residents and smart shoppers are invited to pledge that we’ll be ambassadors of the shop local movement! Sign the pledge here.
  • more info here:

It’s a pretty awesome move on the part of our elected officials. Last night, Freeholder-Director Joseph Donnelly offered up some info to a roomful of officials from local business associations, in collaboration with Kristi Howell-Ikeda, President of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, and Mark Remsa, the Burlington County Bridge Commission‘s Director of Economic Development and Regional Planning. There was an overall very possible vibe about this potential of it all, and I for one am ready for the ball to get rolling!


You three get a high five.

Towni‘s overarching mission aligns so well with this campaign. We’re really excited to be pushing for the very same benefits, in the very same geography and at the very same time. We hope we can be a supplemental force to really spread the word about this initiative and educate some people on the major impact of doing your buying right in your backyard.

We’ll keep you posted as the program rolls out. Don’t expect every pic to be framed, but for the moment, it’s something worth honoring.

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