On June 1st, We Up and Launched Towni


L to R: Bill Toffel, our lead developer; John Shields, co-founder; Chris Sciolla, co-founder; and then just some huge bicep

If you go to shop.towni.us, you no longer see a yellow triangle featuring the silhouette of a construction worker using a drill. You see the Towni Shop – Moorestown’s premiere shopping local website we’ve been working on since what feels like the late 80s. It looks like this:


Yes, on June 1st, Chris and I attended the 37th Annual Moorestown Day. We got there bright and early, set up our tent, blew up some balloons, hung the banner…the whole deal. It was hot out – 112 degrees Fahrenheit, as I’ll tell the story many years later. But we stuck it out, and answered more questions about the pronunciation of our name than what our service is all about. I imagine “Apple” didn’t have to worry about that question too much.

We were excited to make many new contacts, see a steady stream of familiar ones, and actually had a pretty awesome time. To show our community spirit, Chris donned a yellow “Event Staff” vest and directed the 7 AM traffic. He looked nothing short of silly, and I wish someone got a pict–oh wait, you know what, I think I did.


I directed the 4 PM exiting traffic, but sadly no cameras were around to bear witness.

Well just because June 1st is here and gone, doesn’t mean our mission is complete. It’s only just beginning. We have lots of work to do to make this thing flawless or darn near, and we may go hoarse spreading the word to every dissatisfied merchant looking for ways to reach their target crowd, every resident who realizes our town is stronger when we patronize those within our own borders, and every do-gooder with a dream that wants to take on a project and needs the community’s backing. Those are Towni’s prime ambitions, to address those concerns.

Some more eye candy from our big day:





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