Rapid Fire Updates….GO!

Well it’s been too long since we’ve taken to the blog, but boy oh boy, there’s a lot of motion happening in the Townisphere. Here’s the bullet-point countdown of what the last six weeks have meant to our shiny new startup:


1. Edgar Real Estate Jumps Aboard the Towni Council!

edgar_long@2xWe’re so pleased, pumped and proud to announce our sponsoring partnership with a Main Street staple here in Moorestown, Edgar Real Estate. They’re 90 years old, we’re about 90 days old. It’s a connection that was meant to be! As one of our three Towni Council members (shoutout to Stevens Real Estate and CVENNELL Creations!), you’ll see the Edgar logo at the bottom of every page on the Towni Shop – a constant reminder to our users that a certain property-slingin’ powerhouse sees a lot of value in the shop local wizardry that we call Towni! Thanks, guys!

2. GRAND REVEAL – The Towni Fund is About to Get Inaugurated!

MAMOCF-Heel for Teal GraphicYes, if you’re a regular reader of our blog, first of all your name is probably “Mom”, but second of all, you’re learning before anyone else: we’ll be launching a Towni Fund campaign in a matter of hours! We’re super happy to be engaging with the Mary Anne Mazanec Ovarian Cancer Foundation for their upcoming benefit, the Heel for Teal Dog Walk! An awesome event for a most worthy of causes! Tom Mazanec has graciously teamed with Towni to provide the registration for the October 5th event. It’ll take place at Memorial Park in Cinnaminson (on Lenola just before you get to Rt. 130). Stay tuned to the Towni Fund for more details!

3. Forget Stock Photography – Upload Your Own Images!

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 12 17.16

This one’s for the brave merchants out there providing services of all varieties. The Towni Shop, our free promotion platform, just got a little more customizable. As you surely know already, the Towni Shop is free for in-town stores to post their special, announce promotions, or even run flash sales right through the site. But it was challenging for our merchants to find images to represent their offering from stock photos. You know the kind – where a family of models holds a contrived laugh just long enough for the high-quality photo to be snapped, helping to sell…insurance. Sure, it’ll come in handy for some users, but others will need the ability to show their precise inventory. We rolled out our Image Uploader a week ago – you can now select any image from your computer, or Facebook, or Flickr, or a ton of other services. Post as you please!





4. Our Name on the Glass! Our Name on the Glass!



Any startup gets a chill up their spine when their branding makes the leap from on-screen logo to on-storefront art! Our offices on New Albany got the treatment just the other day. Whatcha think?




5. How Cool is the new Town Hall Complex?!

TownHall Library 090913

Okay, Towni didn’t really have a hand in conceiving or building the in-progress Town Hall and Library building at the corner of Second and Church. But we’re keeping a close eye on it! It now stands tall as it gets its brick facade. Almost ready for prime-time. We at Towni expect to pay a lot of late fines in this building…yes, a lot of late fines indeed.

We’ll try to throw you some more updates soon, without letting six weeks disappear. Much is happening, and much is on the horizon.

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