Towni’s Modest Start, Major Potential and Possible Intergalactic Colonization

AMIBA-Independents-Week-GraphicMan. Edison was right – launching a two-sided web-based marketplace that incorporates self-service e-commerce and crowdfunding really is challenging. I dunno, he said something like that.

We’ve been running around, spitting our Towni game to anyone who will listen for a couple weeks now. It’s a mixed bag. The so-so news: when they hear about it, some folks are confused as to specifically what our application does. The great news: once they see it – once they bounce around our website and realize the massive potential of a dedicated community-boosting website – their eyes light up and their brainbox fills with exciting ideas. We’re seeing it every single day.

We’ve had some well-established businesses give Towni a shot – including Happy Hippo, Caryn Max Salon West, the Moorestown Running Company, Crescent Moon Clothing and Bacio Catering. We are so thankful for their digital bravery. We have many more in-town retailers that are excited to give it a try.

Meanwhile, our Towni Fund launch fundraiser is still churnin’. We’re halfway through, and up to $2909 – not quite on pace for our goal of $12,000, but the amount of support shown to us thus far really indicates a demand for this service, and a thoughtful support that shows this community really deserves the boost Towni hopes to give it!

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Whoever gets us over the $3000 mark gets an incredibly aggressive hug (but, you know, it’s optional).

We’re also gearing up for the first week of July. The Fourth of July will always be the leading man, but there’s a strong, up-and-coming supporting role in Independents Week – a nationwide campaign facilitated by AMIBA (American Independent Business Association). It’s a 7-day come-on-everyone-shop-local-for-goodness-sake…fest. How does it coalesce with America’s symbolic holiday? Supporting local stores helps strengthen the very town it’s in. And if every town in America did that, and each local economy grew proportionately, this nation would be bolstered right at its foundation, and we can then devote some funds to building that space elevator I’m always going on about. So yeah, America rules, shopping local rules, and using carbon nano-tubes to carry a payload into low orbit rules. I digress.


How much would it costs to sponsor the space elevator? May we borrow that amount?

Back to telling people about Towni. I’m gonna leave out the space elevator pitch for now.





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