The Towni Shop, At Your Service

In the past few weeks, we’ve taken our local-offers-collecting habit up a notch.ScreenHunter_18 Nov. 14 09.23

Being webby, techy, online internet guys, we knew Towni had to be built as a self-service product. We’ve been on the other end before, as business operators trying to maximize our presence within the local community. When you have to rely on someone else to handle your ad creation, administration and execution, you’re subject to their time delays, and the cost of their labor. So, the Towni Shop was engineered to give you as a merchant the ability to log-in at any ol’ time you please, and create one (or many) deals right on the spot.

Gas AttendantKind of like gas stations, right? In Pennsylvania, you have the joy of pumping your own gas. In Jersey? An attendant handles that for you. So what about combining them and giving our posting merchants the best of both world?

That’s just what we’ve done. We’re now offering a “concierge” service of sorts. Simply tell us your promotion/special/deal/what have you, and we’ll take it from there. Email us, call us, text us, or send a courier on a bike with an old-timey newsie cap – whatever you please. Since we’ve begun this new tact, we’re now regularly posting offerings from about a dozen new Moorestown stores!

So value your time, and if you’re day is beyond hectic and involves running a business, marketing that business, and oh yeah, picking up your kids early today so they make it to soccer practice, we hope we’ve lowered the hurdle for at least one of those.

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